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Goldrush Honey Straw Filler

Honey Stream Honey Stick Machine Kit

Honey Stream Honey Stick Machine Kit

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This is a honey stick machine that allows you to make your own honey sticks! It can make about 120-150 straws an hour out of 2 pounds of honey. It uses food grade nitrogen canisters to pressurize the bottle, and you pull a trigger to effortlessly fill your straws with honey! The straws included are presealed with a bite open seal! The listing includes the machine, 500 presealed bite open straws, 10 nitrogen cartridges, 1 warming plate, and 1 straw holder that holds 12 straws at once. An impulse sealer is not included but is readily available on Amazon. I recommend this one because it is affordable and has a 5mm sealing width.

This is perfect for making honey straws to sell, sample, or just fill a honey stick for yourself on demand! The canister will go weeks without losing pressure so you don't even have to make all 150 at once.

Recommended retail for homemade honey sticks is 33-50 cents each. At that rate the machine more than pays for itself with the first 500 straws!

Patent Pending

When you are ready to order replacement straws you can always order more from us! You can also seal one end of regular drinking straws which would also work with our machine, but that is more work for you, and the straws wouldn't bite open for the consumer.

My goal is to provide the most affordable, and highest quality honey stick machine on the market. I strongly believe this machine provides a higher quality product for a fraction of the price of other machines.

To see the machine in use check it out at Thanks for your consideration!

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